I’m NOT old enough for this!


So a few days ago I took Kali and her friend to an Open House for Snow College.  She is now fully admitted including a scholarship for Fall 2011.  I mean Snow is not the local, live at home, community college option that I was kinda expecting. Snow is about 2 1/2 hours away. When did those wings of independence grow? And would I have tried to keep them clipped to prevent flight if I had noticed them? I know she will be great at college and I really do support her decision 100%. I’m just not ready.  I mean seriously isn’t she just barely old enough to register for what electives she wants in jr. high? I can not imagine our house without her next year.  She has so much influence on everybody.  Our house is just more complete when she’s here. Her laugh, her chlorine perfume (that all swimmers wear), her voice, her humor, her friends, her falling asleep anywhere, her keeping me company while I process images, her waking me up to say she’s home, her bringing home tons of friends with her to eat lunch, her free passes to the movies, her bragging about Bella being the coolest dog ever.  Dang, I’m gonna miss that girl!


above: This is her giving her digital signature accepting her academic scholarship.


below: This is the guy flirting with them and telling them how many fun things there are to do at college.

(Side note: this is when I looked around the room and had that 1st day of kindergarten lump well up in my throat. I didn’t let her see me cry because I didn’t want to dampen her excitement…just like kindergarten.)IMG_0547




  1. Gretchen February 4, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    I can’t believe all these young women I taught are growing up and leaving for college, or getting married, or having babies. Love the cheesy picture of her shaking the girl’s hand in front of the sign. Congratulations Kali on your scholarship. She is gonna knock their socks off!

  2. Quinn Schulze January 30, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    Wow! Way to go Kali on a full ride scholarship. I think I am going to miss her being at your home just from your list of all the reasons. It feels like yesterday that she was running around in diapers with her little golden locks telling people who asked if they were real, “nope – it’s just a wig”!

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