About Me

Salt Lake Family Photographer: Darling Images' Gusti DarlingLove At First Focus

As far back as I care to recall, a camera has been just another part of me.  Like a leg or an arm, but with the ability to share with the world how I see others.

And the pictures I loved to take most were of other people.  I still have photos in my collection from 1st grade.  (Somehow, I conned my mom into letting me take her camera to school.  It was love at first focus…or almost focused.  Come on, I was SIX!)

I didn’t always manage to get the whole head in the shot, but always the eyes.  It was as if, with the eyes, I was able to capture the reflections of the best parts of the soul.

Staying Connected Through Pictures

Salt Lake Family Photographer Darling Images

As a child, I moved around a lot. Taking pictures was how I stayed connected to those people that moved in and out of my life.  I was sad if I didn’t get pictures of my friends.  (LUCKILY, that rarely happened.)

Location has always been important to me; it brings memories alive.  In high school, I would insist that my friends and I go to the beach to take pictures. I didn’t always know how to get the results I wanted, but it was always fun trying.  I still have the evidence of that fun and can relive those memories now!

When I went to college, I was so excited to finally be taking a photography class that after the first lecture I went and changed my major to photography.  I’ve been studying photography ever since.

Patterns From Yesteryear

Salt Lake Family Photographer Gusti Darling
Many years have passed, but there is one thing that hasn’t changed: I still LOVE taking pictures of people.  Age doesn’t matter!!

I make my kids model for me regularly, so show me an infant or a newborn (younger than 10 days, if you please), children just heading off to school,  or a High School Senior, I love them all and want to capture them just the way they are.  Couples,  whether for their first anniversary photo or in celebration of a lifetime together, are especially welcome at the other end of my lens.  However, given the special place in my heart for my own family, family pictures have to be my favorite!!  And, please, don’t forget to include Fido!

Location is still also very important to me.  I’m always scouting for cool locations. I regularly travel and take pictures whereever I go, even in my trips to Europe.  Some of these become the backdrops for great family memories; my own as well as others.

I like to try new things, so my style is always changing.

Right now I’m really into old buildings with rustic charm. I also like showing relationships through people interacting, instead of just smiling at the camera. Sometimes it’s the photo where nobody is looking that tells the most.

~ Gusti