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How much is that doggie in the window?

I’m fighting a loosing battle. I’m trying to teach Bella to stay off the back of my couch. I have totally donated our piano bench to her cause. I put her favorite blankie on top of the bench and I’ve even been known to bring her random treats when I catch her lounging there.  She […]

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Totally Screwed

I always knew she was special 😉 This is the xray that we just got from the doctor. Wow that’s a big screw.

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I’m NOT old enough for this!

So a few days ago I took Kali and her friend to an Open House for Snow College.  She is now fully admitted including a scholarship for Fall 2011.  I mean Snow is not the local, live at home, community college option that I was kinda expecting. Snow is about 2 1/2 hours away. When […]

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Blondie Boy

As I write this I am on my iPhone in Denver, CO. I am completely awed by the technology I have seen in my lifetime. I am using a phone to connect and post to the Internet! I used the same phone to take the following pictures and will use nothing but my phone for […]

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My Swimfam

I am so proud of these guys for the hard work and dedication they put into being a part of the Hunter Swim Team! I realized I’ve haven’t posted a single time about swim this season. So this post is just for that.

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Welcome one and all, near and far

  Merry Christmas to me! I have a new, updated website 🙂

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