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How much is that doggie in the window?


I’m fighting a loosing battle. I’m trying to teach Bella to stay off the back of my couch. I have totally donated our piano bench to her cause. I put her favorite blankie on top of the bench and I’ve even been known to bring her random treats when I catch her lounging there.  She knows I yell and scowl at her when I find her on the couch. She jumps off the couch whenever I’m around but it’s the REST of the time that we simply disagree. Yeah, she owns the couch whenever I step out of the room.

So my idea is to build Bella her very own plush window seat suited to the princess that she is. Hence the piano bench training. I just don’t want to spend all that effort for her to reject my grand scheme.

We are still in the trial period, but I think she looks perfect sitting there. I’m still trying to decide exactly what her throne will look like. I’m totally open to ideas.




Totally Screwed

I always knew she was special 😉

This is the xray that we just got from the doctor. Wow that’s a big screw.

I’m NOT old enough for this!


So a few days ago I took Kali and her friend to an Open House for Snow College.  She is now fully admitted including a scholarship for Fall 2011.  I mean Snow is not the local, live at home, community college option that I was kinda expecting. Snow is about 2 1/2 hours away. When did those wings of independence grow? And would I have tried to keep them clipped to prevent flight if I had noticed them? I know she will be great at college and I really do support her decision 100%. I’m just not ready.  I mean seriously isn’t she just barely old enough to register for what electives she wants in jr. high? I can not imagine our house without her next year.  She has so much influence on everybody.  Our house is just more complete when she’s here. Her laugh, her chlorine perfume (that all swimmers wear), her voice, her humor, her friends, her falling asleep anywhere, her keeping me company while I process images, her waking me up to say she’s home, her bringing home tons of friends with her to eat lunch, her free passes to the movies, her bragging about Bella being the coolest dog ever.  Dang, I’m gonna miss that girl!


above: This is her giving her digital signature accepting her academic scholarship.


below: This is the guy flirting with them and telling them how many fun things there are to do at college.

(Side note: this is when I looked around the room and had that 1st day of kindergarten lump well up in my throat. I didn’t let her see me cry because I didn’t want to dampen her excitement…just like kindergarten.)IMG_0547



Blondie Boy

As I write this I am on my iPhone in Denver, CO. I am completely awed by the technology I have seen in my lifetime. I am using a phone to connect and post to the Internet! I used the same phone to take the following pictures and will use nothing but my phone for every part of this post. What does this have to do with Kyle… nothing really I just needed something to write about and that’s what I last photographed.

Why blonde you ask? Well the boys on the swimteam all bleach their hair a week or so before region. The day before region, many of them shave their heads (others who might qualify for state, wait till then). It’s a team bonding tradition.

My Swimfam


I am so proud of these guys for the hard work and dedication they put into being a part of the Hunter Swim Team! I realized I’ve haven’t posted a single time about swim this season.

So this post is just for that.





Welcome one and all, near and far



Merry Christmas to me! I have a new, updated website 🙂